Monday, April 13, 2009

Rotten BS

Kalina, Univ. of Mumbai. An appalling place taking into consideration the amount of land they have there. I saw cattle making a 'queue' for the counters. No idea what was happening because it was all very disorganised. I roam for a bit and finally find the counter where I am supposed to be. In the queue, I ask a guy for his pen and some random information regarding the hall ticket. After a while he comments - Are you from BMS , because you adjusted to the environment very easily. And I was like. haaaaaaaaa
Well, coz I chatted pretty easily with a girl standing behind me and also the girl standing on the other side of the counter. It was hilarious how he thought of me.

I saw these people there and amazed me how many people there actually were. All 'struggling' for an Mcom or a Bcom and struggling to achieve in life. No Fin support. Bleak future in spite of how one may try. Not how much, but how. And the scene also reflected it somehow. Dust, Sun, Angry faces, Frustration in the atmosphere, Sloths on the periphery, People all walking inside a perfectly straight line and the ones who veer off course do not have the courage to back it and are in fact scared of their actions.

I wonder where everyone is headed at times.
Aunty in rickshaw, Couple in car quarelling, friends in rick laughing, Lone biker in the heat, rick driver cursing the traffic, baby in pillon seat of bike in mums arms.
Well, my thoughts may be pretty aimless you know - but its better out than in.

People work for money and work harder to enjoy it or mostly, forget to enjoy it.
People build relationships with the perpetual fear of what if?
People work to suffer mentally or physically.
People exercise artificially to stay 'fit'.
Friends meet and talk about rubbish.
Friends smile together.
Rarely do people go to sleep peacefully.
Anxiety fills every moment it seems.
Fear. Longing for society, money, materials, love.
All to be undone when we die.
Highly intriguing.
I might keep writing about this till death.

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