Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well - I have an exam in 4 hours and I ought to be studying but there are some images in my head that were disturbing me. Just had to let them out.

A man holding a woman tight and finally the woman is like - OK now I can leave you right? But the man requests the woman . . . Just a while longer please. So the woman starts sobbing.

A crawling small man in a sea of people all looking down on him and laughing their throats off. He feels alone and naked and there is absolutely nobody to help him up.

A person on a hill looking at a dark city at night. There is no movement because he is far away. There is no sound and barely any light. He is laughing inside his head at the nonsense going on in civilization.

A woman sitting on a bench at a promenade listening to the ocean with her eyes closed oblivious to the fact that men are leching at the lone sight. There is a burn inside her that will destroy the first person she sees when she opens her eyes. So she decides not to.

A child walking on the beach and falling on her sponge skin with a thud. Giggling and then falling on her back to look at the sky. Stupid because there is nothing she comprehends about the sky. Intelligent because there is nothing she comprehends about the sky.

Finally, a man hung on a mountain top by his arms wide open looking at the people below. The people are in awe of his blasphemy and are murmuring. There is an insane laughter that drives the people mad. It is the guy who is laughing at society and all that they hold dear. He is laughing at himself because he is tortured in his pain. He finally feels complete because he met his desire.
Alone, Tired, in Pain, and Mad.
For some reason I can see the wide grin on his pale face and the ensuing laughter that resonated through the people below. His eyes are striking and large. There is a child in him.

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