Friday, February 27, 2009

How do you feel?

How do you feel when you help another person out?
When you can do something to impress another creature . . .
When you can buy a BM or a Merc . . .
When you can go to a great restaurant and order the waiter around . . .
When you decide to save money even though you are filthy rich . . .
When you spend more than you possess in anticipation of future cash flow . . .
When you guide a junior . . .
When you are looking for a job after securing a good degree . . .
When you cannot find a job . . .
When you do not want to find a job . . .
When you eat more than required . . .
When you smile for a person who you do not care about . . .
When you pretend to feel nice to meet someone . . .
When you put on a fake accent to be a part of the group . . .
When you dress in uncomfortable clothes . . .
When you walk alone for an hour . . .
When you wake up in the morning . . .
Before you sleep at night . . .
When you feel afraid.
When you feel lonely.
When you feel petrified.

How do you feel?

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Why are people so weird about money?
It is paper which gives one the right to purchase a good or a service.
It is a weird concept where people will pay Rs.1000000 for a car but cry about spending Rs.5000 on repairs.
People save up to spend later and end up not spending it.
People who are born with it don't cherish it as much.
People like to give it away when they have too much of it.
People go crazy at the possibility of making a lot of it without knowing how to spend it.

Friday, February 13, 2009


The world will never understand what you stand for dear.
It will never be clear - why you do what you do.
It is impossible that people understand why you gaze at others.
It is impossible that people understand why you walk the way you do.
Why you stand the way you do.
Why you tire so easily.
Why you want to sleep so easily.
Why you never get sleep easily.
Why you never want to wake up.
Why you wake up so easily.
Why you sleep every moment.
Why you laugh at almost everything. . .

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hilarious Fools

Before I die, I am sure I will have thought, said or written:
People are Funny
People are Hilarious.

I do not know why a wife must ask a husband to ask a question in a conference.
I wonder why girls blush.
I wonder why men are so egoistic.
No idea why people fidget with their hair/ watches/ ears during encounters with an unknown individual.
People eat too much exercise too little then TRY to eat too little and TRY to exercise too much.
I wonder why people work for a living.
Why people have families.
Why people care about other people who they don't really care about.
Why people hold on to things they eventually let go of.
Why they care about how they look.
What determines good from bad, right from wrong and beautiful from ugly.
Why most people are similar but vastly different.
Why there are divisions in society.
Why there is a 'society'.
Why people believe in God.
Why people believe in fate.
Why people believe in a 'higher purpose'.
Why some people succeed in/ try to/ try not to dominate others.
Why they decide to live.
Why they live.
Why they wear clothes.
Why they smile without meaning it.
Why they enjoy sex.
Why they cry.
Why they want to die.
Why they don't want to die.

Why they get lost sometimes.
Why they believe that a dream is not real and that reality is not a dream.
Why they are never content.
Why they are not impulsive (in the most blunt form).

May be that is:
Why I like the song by The Who - Who are you?
Why I like The Matrix.
Why I like Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
Why I like Instinct.
Why I like I am Legend.
Why I like The Truman Show.
Why I like 300.
Why I like Cast Away.
Why I love The Joker in The Dark Knight.
Why I love The Fight Club.
Why I love The Departed.
Why I like the book: Anthem.
Why I like Howard Roark.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


There are times when my brain ceases to function.

I adore those times because that is when I am free.
And careless.
And independent.
And lost.
It gives me a feeling of pure relief and satisfaction.
I wonder why we can't, just sometimes, manually switch off our heads.
It is simply glorious.

Only the first and the last sentences of this blog are true.
Behold the Liar's paradox.

I hate the times when my brain ceases to function.


One needs space to take a deep breath and spew out the rubbish.
To vent one's frustration.
To understand that one's responsibility is primarily towards oneself and not towards another.
- This is what founded the term Ego -
Which is why one goes through a phase to be independent, self sufficient, single and selfish (I hate the negative connotation associated with this word)
One of the reasons why some people drift apart.
One of the reasons why I travel alone.
One of the reasons why a visit to Antarctica lies in my bucket.

May be which is why I believe I may never be with anyone because I expect too much from the other party - or do I?
The human mind is enigmatic and dull.
Enigmatic because it is random.
Dull because the the random is a constant.

Let me be I say!