Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hilarious Fools

Before I die, I am sure I will have thought, said or written:
People are Funny
People are Hilarious.

I do not know why a wife must ask a husband to ask a question in a conference.
I wonder why girls blush.
I wonder why men are so egoistic.
No idea why people fidget with their hair/ watches/ ears during encounters with an unknown individual.
People eat too much exercise too little then TRY to eat too little and TRY to exercise too much.
I wonder why people work for a living.
Why people have families.
Why people care about other people who they don't really care about.
Why people hold on to things they eventually let go of.
Why they care about how they look.
What determines good from bad, right from wrong and beautiful from ugly.
Why most people are similar but vastly different.
Why there are divisions in society.
Why there is a 'society'.
Why people believe in God.
Why people believe in fate.
Why people believe in a 'higher purpose'.
Why some people succeed in/ try to/ try not to dominate others.
Why they decide to live.
Why they live.
Why they wear clothes.
Why they smile without meaning it.
Why they enjoy sex.
Why they cry.
Why they want to die.
Why they don't want to die.

Why they get lost sometimes.
Why they believe that a dream is not real and that reality is not a dream.
Why they are never content.
Why they are not impulsive (in the most blunt form).

May be that is:
Why I like the song by The Who - Who are you?
Why I like The Matrix.
Why I like Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
Why I like Instinct.
Why I like I am Legend.
Why I like The Truman Show.
Why I like 300.
Why I like Cast Away.
Why I love The Joker in The Dark Knight.
Why I love The Fight Club.
Why I love The Departed.
Why I like the book: Anthem.
Why I like Howard Roark.

1 comment:

shaanebhai said...

i loved the joker.. a pretty unrealistic chracter.. but if it were real.. it wud have been to cool to meet him..