Saturday, February 7, 2009


One needs space to take a deep breath and spew out the rubbish.
To vent one's frustration.
To understand that one's responsibility is primarily towards oneself and not towards another.
- This is what founded the term Ego -
Which is why one goes through a phase to be independent, self sufficient, single and selfish (I hate the negative connotation associated with this word)
One of the reasons why some people drift apart.
One of the reasons why I travel alone.
One of the reasons why a visit to Antarctica lies in my bucket.

May be which is why I believe I may never be with anyone because I expect too much from the other party - or do I?
The human mind is enigmatic and dull.
Enigmatic because it is random.
Dull because the the random is a constant.

Let me be I say!

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