Saturday, February 26, 2011

Please come again!!!

Once in a while we are fated to meet extraordinary people. By extraordinary, I mean 'away from ordinary', because let's face it... most people are quite similar and rather boring.
French chick working at Airbus, vacationing with her brother in Laos and Cambodia by taking a 4-month sabbatical, and finally moving to a town called 'Surkhet' in Nepal for 2 months to work for an NGO. This is the girl I spent time with over 4 memorable evenings/ days, albeit around other people.

What struck me about this creature was the brilliance that she brought into a room... a child at heart and quite crazy. She said it very simply, "Remember, it's not we who are crazy, it's the other people who take their lives too seriously." The time we spent together was usually around other people but our conversations were very simple. We spoke of people, relations, our own insecurities, culture, identity or the lack thereof and what we found amiss in the people around us at times...
I spent about 4 evenings with her and dropped her to the airport - and quite possibly, we might never meet again, which would be very sad.
I loved her attitude towards fights (in relationships)... too much of that going around anyway, and well, we are together to be happy, really no point fighting. Am too busy smiling. Hope she stays a child forever and hope that society doesn't spoil her.
Please come again!! ;)

And for the record: Buffalo milk pancakes cooked in ghee rock!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fabulous One-Liners

"It is important for people to realise that optimism, skepticism and pessimism can co-exist."

"One day was heart-fucking, the next was hard-fucking and the next was mind-fucking."

"Are those hickeys?"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Code 1800

Some things seem so insignificant but in that moment they can be fabulous.
The car I drive, Skoda Fabia - its battery died after 4 years. A new one had to be installed and after installation, for some reason (of course it's always 'some reason'), the music system and device wouldn't work.
On start-up it would say "SAFE" and then it would flash some Code. Random button pushing - like Deedee - would get the screen back to "SAFE". Completely harrowing.
I went for one and a half days without the music and in the evening I picked up the car manual and literature; I had to figure this out. I had assumed something wrong with the circuitry which is why it said "SAFE".

So I flip through the manual rather cautiously, I go through the index and can't find anything meaningful. Annoyed.
I then go through another manual where there is a note on anti-theft. Luckily I see the word "SAFE". Aha!!
Apparently, Skoda has a mechanism wherein whenever a battery is replaced the music system locks itself to hinder a thief's motive :|
The manual tells me to put in a code like "0000" - I figure out the way to change numbers on the screen and press the 'play' button. No use. Nothing happens.
Too add to the agony, the device locks itself for one hour after 2 unsuccessful attempts.

The manual also says something about how the code is stored in the instrument cluster so one usually need not manually enter the code. Right!
When I'm about to lose all hope I see a sticker on the manual with a barcode and a long number with a 4 digit number underneath. Hmmm.. It read : "1800"
I punch it in.


By now you might be wondering why you're still reading this...
Well, it's more of a reminder to me for how jubilant I was when it started working :)
Music keeps me alive and keeps me ticking :)
I was going to give it to a mechanic or someone, and I didn't have to. You know what that means? No toiling in traffic. No waiting. No questions. No more hassles. I did this! It is small.. but I did this!!