Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to the future

Saw 2 movies today and just thought that I'd make a note of them. Nothing extraordinary about them - but the idea was nice. I liked Before Sunset more than Before Sunrise. The former was just more mature and yet nutty. The latter seemed like it was stuck together. So these 2 people meet in 1994 and spend a day together around Vienna. 9 years later they meet in Paris and they are so happy about it. The funny thing is - both of them are in committed relationships now. It was nice to see 2 people so comfortable around each other. A friend of mine had originated that idea in my head - love is more about comfort than romance.
So anyway - there is this one thing that the guy says during the boat ride in Paris. Something to the effect of - or at least that is the way I interpreted it - you can look back at your past and say that yes that was a person who I would have really loved to be with. Just that I did not grasp the opportunity. It is a hilarious way of thinking how human beings function socially. The guy is with his wife who he does not love but who he is with because of their kid. The girl is with this guy who is away most of the time which is convenient for her so that she can do what she wants to and not be claustrophobic.

This post has to do with the word 'regret'. If one chooses not to take up and utilize an opportunity 'what if' will always remain.
2 people who are just comfortable with each other should get a chance to know each other and just be together.
Time away from one another.
Going out with people apart from one another.
Sex, food, entertainment together.
Silent time together.
Conflicts are not bad - - they are bound to happen - just shows that these are 2 different people.

So what if I am 40 years old and I think to myself that when I was 23 I got to know this great girl who I would have liked to know better. But due to circumstances neither of us had the want to give in too much time and put in too much effort. I am pretty certain that she had some hope in me too.
And then I meet her after 17 years and we laugh. And we are crying inside because we know that - wow - the 2 of us should have been together and at least given it a shot rather than dream hazy dreams about each other.

How bad can regret be?
I wonder. . .

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