Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

Well, these are not entirely random . . .
What if there is no you? What if the Matrix was a real story?
What if we are dreaming right now and we wake up when we sleep; because we are programmed to think that 'this' is our conscious life and what we experience during sleep is not?
What if pain was wholly a mind game?
What if emotions were purely mechanical?
What if a person decides his purpose in life is to be a tramp?
What if, in fact, we all look the same but our eyes change its processing towards different entities which is why we see each other as different entities?
What if we are infact all aliens?
What if 'god' was an invention?
What if death was the beginning?
What if we wake up each morning with a different past and a different consciousness - by which I mean that what we believe happened yesterday did not really happen; but we believe it did because every time we wake up a new memory and a new consciousness is formed?
What if somebody found a way to create energy - practically and economically - from anti particles - - - But decided to destroy his invention?
What if somebody found the secret to happiness but decided to withold the information?
What if complete dissatisfaction was the route to inner peace?
What if animals are infact one form of species who really control us and we are just a part of a petri dish ?
What if the voices in our head are really our conscious selves but we have been taught to drown those voices?
What if the most intelligent people decided to quit society?
What if canibalism was life?
What if survival of the fittest was the mantra of society?
What if sex was disgusting?
What if people were wholly blunt about their feelings?
What if richer people were taxed the most?
What if there was no guilt associated with materialism?
What if the most beautiful people looked the most wretched and vice versa?
What would happen if I died right now?
What would happen if I said that I love you?


ishan said...

we'll get shocked.. then relax.. then adjust... :D

unless we are old and comfortable..

Rohan Sura said...

1. pain is not a mind game. suffering is.

2. emotions, at times, are mechanical. i feel sad, at times, when i think i shud be feeling sad.

3. 'god' is an invention .

4. death is the beginning of solace. for the inventor who killed himself.

5. intelligent people will never quit. cuz they will never form a union! they're too intelligent to do that!

6. voices in our head are our voices. they're correct most of the times. we're afraid of them cuz they might be true.

7. do not even think of sex as disgusting! the very thot disgusts me! its the only thing left raw and pure! :P

great post bro. really got me thinking!

and yes, survival of the fittest is the mantra of the society. just that evryone defines survival distinctly.