Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Intelligence is attractive

I was talking to my friend the other day and I said that it is amazingly difficult to find intelligent girls. She was aghast, "And it is amazingly easy to find intelligent guys??!!"

That is when I laughed and in a moment I thought of a lot.
Intriguing how one's mind is shut to another's perspective - and sometimes one just needs a push or a shove to open up.
Intriguing how some people value intelligence - not that it is sexy or awe inspiring. But well, for me it is a means of solace.
It is difficult to describe how that feeling functions.
I could be referring to either sex when I refer to intelligence. Somewhere it is disturbing and exhilirating and enchanting - but somewhere it is just plain blank.
There is an ease with which I may conduct myself around intelligent people.
I must make a disclosure here and say that what I perceive as intelligence is very harsh. A person may create a great business but I may find that person unimpressive. A person may walk alone and sing in his heart - and that I may find fascinating. A person can talk about an outing - and the tone in his or her voice will tell me if I find that person intelligent.
I do not believe intelligence matters a lot for success in life, yadiyadayada . . .
Just that - it is a rare trait.
Rare because intelligence has been diminished to engineering, science, and business. Art, spirituality and a ceaseless burst of questions are also intelligence.

I do not ask for agreement - all I ask for is an open mind.
All I ask for is a song in one's heart.
All I ask for is a pure smile and a lost pair of eyes.
I ask for a warm heart and an insane laughter.
I ask for eccentricity.
I ask for too much . . .

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Rohan Sura said...

i m with you man. india mein u have to be a doc, lawyer, engineer or CA to be branded intelligent. or dhandhawallah, in some cases. though it doesnt really matter, its a narrow view. and thats wat d prob with india is. narrow.
i've always thought that political science, physics, economics, philosophy, psychology, and literature are subjects worth devoting ones life to. i hope liberal arts will someday be considered as important as doctery and vakalat. good to read this post. keep it up!