Sunday, April 19, 2009

Conversations of the future.

Waiting for the time when I get to hear -

A: "How are You?"
B: "Do you really care?"
A: "Naaah"
B: " K "

A: "Hey, I'm going out."
B: " With who?"
A: "Noone, just me. . . "
B: "Mind if I join you?"
A: "Ya"

A: "Hey, I dint get the job 0 :-( "
B: " Lemme just cut the crap and say; either you dont deserve it or they are just too fkin stupid - therefore something else will come up. May be better - but you will never know if it is better coz you cant compare it yeah? - But something will come up. Cool?"
A: " Ya thannx - I needed the absence of bullshit"
B: "Welcome"

A: "I hate you!!!"
B: "That makes 2 of us"

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