Thursday, April 30, 2009

4 Individual Days

I wanted to register myself as a voter. I had enrolled at quite a while ago and might I say that they have done a fantastic job!
Anyhu; I go to this god forsaken, society forsaken, life forsaken, logic forsaken place - New Airport Colony. Huge land, hardly anybody staying there and those who do stay in kachra homes it seemed. Humari govt. zindabaad!
Park next to kachra, walk on a dusty road to reach a decently big building where there were only 2 tables and a host of frustrated humans.
Illiterate fools were taking registration forms. No line, no decorum, no pointers on how to fill forms, nobody to help a person out. So every individual has to ask the same question individually to the guy at the desk who cares so much about the people.(it is sad how sarcasm cannot pour out from a blog)

I end up going to that place on 4 separate days. Photo missing, signature missing, attestation missing, voter id photocopy of family member missing, signature on photocopy of voter id of family member missing and so on. But the prize goes to: "O - today it is shut - come tomorrow"

So finally, it is the last day that I think I shall ever go there. I am cofident that I have everything with me. I go up, someone cuts me and goes ahead. Then the guy at the table wants to go for lunch - he is tired of sitting so much :-(
I felt so bad for him you know??!!
So I have to queue in the adjacent line.
The guy has my form in his hand.
A girl butts in and gets her form across.
Guys tend to like girls - alas.. so I am pushed back
He again has my form in his hands.
Guy comes from behind him and blurts something in Marathi.

"OK - I cant take any more forms, the date of elections is out."

And that is that.
People us the term 'disbelief' very easily.
But just imagine my predicament.
This was sheer DISBELIEF.
I mean, wow - I have been coming here, you have the bloody form on your sweaty palms.
Sign the damned thing and allow me to vote.

But no - why should I allow you to vote.
I am the almighty. . .
Do you know that it was I who gave Eve the right to bite that stupid apple?

Yes sir - Yes sir.
I bow to thee.
May this country not rott - although it deserves to.
With bafoons like you at the helm
And baboons like us licking your feet and voting you into power.

Please continue to give jobs to people because they are poor or socially backwards - whatever that means.
Do not allow competition to make life better.
Do not make government officers and workers answerable to anybody.
Let money speak the lanugage of justice.
Please allow this country to wither away.

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Rohan Sura said...

just glad u didnt kill the man :D i would have tried to - to say the least.