Thursday, April 23, 2009


This goes out to the artists in my head. I admire - and let's call it ADMIRE - people who change when they are in their domain; people who are passionate about what they do. Al Pacino, Adam Lambert, Leonardo Dicaprio, Michael Jackson, AR Rehman, Modigliani, Warren Buffett, Jack Nicholson, Fransisco D'Anconia, Sachin Tendulkar, Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, Gregory House, Mother Teresa. I had to think to come up with these names. The reason is simple. I see (or perceive) a certain emotion. A burning emotion in their work. Passion and glory irrespective of applause. A focused mind and a thrill in performing at their art. When I see or even hear Adam singing - it is amazing. The word 'amazing' is used too easily - but he is amazing. When I see Leonardo performing, he is mind blowing. I was going to put Tom Hanks in the list but for an odd reason I see Leonardo as the actor. I see him unable to sleep if he does not act to his standards. I am a mitch - which has been established. Sachin - I can see him applauding himself on a century and crying when he is injured. Love - that can be used. Love is what binds these creatures to what they do. Warren - I can just imagine him as a kid pouring over books, gobbling them and this is what is knowledge. Richness aside - just the thought that this is how his mind functions - logically, simply and extensively. Adolf - one focus, nothing lay in his path and burning desire stemming from what, only he may know. But the desire, the aggression. I surely hope that I do not get killed for applauding Hitler.

Some people are set on the correct path - may be. Some people make a path their correct path - may be. Creating or arousing such a passion in life is what excites me. I wonder if Finance will ever make me passionate. It could - but I am too enchanted with the notion of observance, thoughts, questions, judgments, seclusion, society, crazy and restlessness. I do wish that finance allows me to lose myself. I know how I feel about it right now but as most of us know - it is always great before you have it.

I can see the smiles, the tears, the burn, the anguish, the mad haunting laughter, the wild dance, the passion for love. I can see it all before me. In the faces I just imagined. These are the outsiders. These are our gods. I worship them - not to be who they are but to be in awe of how they are. I may not want to be them. Not even something similar. It is just a portrait in my head. I can see these bafoons embracing each other and looking over mankind and the lowly beings trying to justify their poor existence.

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