Friday, April 17, 2009


The enormity of me being a male bitch, aka Mitch, is daunting. There is this ever growing repulsion and intolerance towards fools. Of course, I already admitted that I am a Mitch - this justifies me acting like a Mitch. The new found affection for intelligentsia may just lead to manic depression because intelligent people are firstly, a rare breed. Secondly, they are not very nutty. Thirdly, they are hardly ever the right nutty. Fourthly, intelligent nutty people who question most things are amazingly truffle like. Lastly, I would get bored with such people who resemble me.
It is a sin to think that I am an intelligent right nut with a need to question most things. So I have sinned. What I care?

The exterior, when people who are just plain dumb such that the dumbness leaks out of their eyes, ears and nostrils - not to mention other body parts -, I find testing my patience. One, to hold back the insane laughter building inside my tiny head. Two, the frustration that may lead to a burst of excitement. Ah, it is difficult to contain.

Now I wish that people do not read this. And people may not because hardly any people care enough about me or what I think. Then again, I have posted this on my blog which is open to all - this in fact shows that I would like people to read my post.

"Dude, I'm telling you - if you want to learn something na, it is better if you have a faculty from the industry. No dude, trust me..."
Well, you may be right - but your tone just shows how hilarious you are dear.
To state the obvious with as much enthusiasm as though people do not know that.

Ah, I think I may be deported to my home planet along with Tirath.

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