Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Its kind of sad when I think of where I am headed.
There will be no birthdays.
There will instead be anniversaries.
I say goodbye to the lonely nights I spend by myself.
Hello dear companion - just intrude in me.
I may miss the lonely music sessions
And the silent movies.
The innocence shall pass.
No more 2 am messages
No more 1 hour phone chats. . .
Adios to lonely meetings with special friends I hold dear.
No more empty bed

I lose my friends faster than I know of it
No quick fixes - thats the future.
No surprises, no getting away
No Tiru nights out there

People over 30 look all the same
And for a reason
I believe life leaves people who dont care enough
But may be this is from this side of the grass.
May be it is pretty good till you die.

But I wonder what happens to all the solitude
And the surprises
And the seclusion.
It is funny how the entire friend equation changes
And 1 on 1 meetings will become kind of taboo
I believe that the impulse dies away
Everything starts to be charted.
I see some of the plans forming inside of me already.
And I see myself bored of me already.

"Hey, are you free? - Cool see you at 10 - Will pick you up."

"Hey, want to go to Lonavala?"
"Just you and me?"
"Ya - why not - - not going to eat you!"

All this is going to go away.
Seems trivial and seems essential.

Is this why societies, in which independence is a way of life since 18 - 20 years of age, ' suffer ' from failed marriages? And not because of infidelity as much?

I wonder where the demography of India is headed. . .

"Circles they grow and they swallow people whole"

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