Monday, May 18, 2009

Who shall control the rulers?

Something I have pondered over for a while now; who shall rule the rulers and who shall regulate the regulators?
The UPA is on its way to forming the next government of India - with a clear majority of seats held by the Congress.
Backdrop - Financial C(rap)isis; Crazy Fiscal Deficit, Deficient Infra, Plausible uncontrollable inflation in the near future, wild movements in many financial assets.
I laugh at the possibilities that lay ahead and how most probably, nothing great may be done with India.

Do Indians believe in the UPA?
Methinks, UPA looks younger and more dynamic compared to NDA or the stupid Leftists (You know how much I like socialism).
So India chose the less worse of the 2 giants.

Personal opinion - Keep people like Rahul G, Manmohan, Montek Singh at the helm.
I am so happy that the foolish oldies and Hindutva promoting fools were kicked out.

Will I be secretly be assassinated for writing these things?

Eye 1 Duh . . .

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