Friday, May 15, 2009

Influence is what

2 things - Adam almost out of American Idol and ovation that artists receive in this society.
There is something childlike and alien about Adam. The way he stands, the way he is chilled on stage, the way he goes mad when he performs.
I am sure there are others like him - but I use him as a model of the things that are missing with humanity. I hope he succeeds, simply because he loves his field and his face glows when he smiles with ambition.

The final 3 of AIdol went to their respective home states / towns, and people were nuts. I believe the same would be for an actor, a filmmaker, a sportsperson or a musician.
But if Narayan Murthy walks down a street, he might be flooded with eyes but hardly ever admiration or a fan following.
There is something wrong with how society greets capitalists.
Here are people who have set up vast businesses with their teams, generated great direct and indirect employment.

On the other hand you have a Shah Rukh who has acted in movies.

Tell me who is the greater. Rich, selfish guy who has created sustainable employment and a perpetual entity or an actor who has grown rich and famous and entertained society.
Rich people are ridiculed because they are rich. Remove a Larsen & Toubro and see where India slides down to. Remove a Dell and see how an entire world is affected.

All that I ask for is that capitalists be shown gratitude.

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