Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The times they are a changing

Entertaining session that I an going through right now.
Meeting friends before leaving for the US.
Emotions tend to surface and realizations seem to creep up.
Should things be said ? - because certain people dont like things to be said.
Somethings are best left unsaid.
May be because there needs to be room to sway one's arms.
May be because somethings are not meant to be said.
May be because somethings tend to ruin simple matters.
May be because sometimes there is nothing to be said.
Sometimes - somethings are hoped to be understood.
I shall miss quite a few people.
I wont be boo hoo without them.
But will miss them nonetheless.
Then I thought of family - and how I will never tell my mom that I will miss her.
Because - saying something like that is in fact demeaning.
So anyhu - I say goodbye to my city
I say goodbye to the security.
I now stare at an enlarged world.
I hope I find support along the way.
And I hope that the current support does not leave me.


Rohan Sura said...

bonne chance! m sure it will be a great journey. :)

tirath said...