Monday, May 4, 2009


A Bad Dream - Keane.
This song disturbs me and makes me want to cry because there is something disturbing about, "I wake up, it's a bad dream - noone on my side; I was fighting but I just feel TOO TIRED to be fighting"
Something desperate about, " Where will I meet my fate? Baby I'm a man I was born to hate; When will I meet my end; In a better time you could be my friend"

Funny how people think of love et romance with songs like this - braaah. Stupid Fux

The opening line captures me - " Why do I have to fly? "
For some reason I can imagine the singer crying, I can see myself howling while singing this song.

Call to apathy - the Shins
The name of this song should have attracted me to it. It took a while to get to me though.
"Untie me! I have said no vows."
"Get on with my lonely life"
"You love a sinking stone that will never elope - so get used to the lonesome girl you must atone some girl"
"You want to fight for this love but honey you cannot wrestle a dove"

Absolutely hilarious and aggressive song. I can see myself tearing up my room and breaking what I see and howling with laughter. Muahahhahaa

"But now I stand on honest ground"

Something about " Untie me !!!!! I have said no vows "
Ooooooo the singer would be screaming in pain and begging for mercy just to pick up a chair and smash it against the wall to vent his furor.

Am I a psychopath?

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