Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An encounter with God

Now that I am writing this - I find it hilarious. But when I saw it, it was slightly chilling. Jai Shri Krishna - the TV Series.
" Why do you worry, Krishna is there no?? " - and that was that. So what does this signify? God was created to take care of us and the mere belief of the presence of a higher power is calming in nature.
The episode today was kind of emotional - because it got me gripped. Yashodha was crying that her husband has been imprisoned so she locks herself in her room. The sight of Krishna almost about to cry that her mother is so sad because of him, got me somewhere. Not about mother daughter - but about what a leader means to people who look up to him.
So Krishna is told, " Go and get your father from that evil kingdom " So Krishna says, " Theek Hai " - which is " Cool ". The simplicity of that statement was overwhelming. Here is a kid about 2 feet tall and chilled about going and teaching someone a lesson.

It just makes me imagine how similar man's greatest creations are to the concept of god. Superman, Batman, He Man, John Galt, A King, a spiritual leader, Fate, Destiny, prophets.

Also makes me question our abilities as individuals.

Also makes me wonder if we humans are primarily bad or good. Very naive thought, but intriguing.
If I need some help and you can help me and you have the time; but you do not know me, will you help me? I am not saying superficially, I am saying helping with adequate dedication.

Somewhere, all humans have evolved to be selfish to such an extent that smiling at an opposite human seems like a task.
Our preliminary belief is always suspicious.
If a person you do not know wants to help you - will you believe that person. I believe - no. That person must possess an ulterior motive.

If a decent looking person trips and falls down near you, you might want to help that person.
But if a dirty figure trips, your first instinct is that of ignorance.

If you are single, who would you be more keen on being friends with?
A decent looking opposite gender who is single?
Or a decent looking opposite gender who is with somebody?

I have to believe that no 2 humans will ever be the same.
I therefore have to leave room to a belief that life could very well be unreal.
I am prejudiced towards the dark possibilities of life.

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