Saturday, May 30, 2009

A new life

People here confuse me because I cannot seem to differentiate between the truth and the layers. Especially some of the Americans - they are just so loud that it is difficult to believe that they are really that chirpy.
Is politeness the norm? And is speaking with expressions the only way to communicate?
I see the infrastructutre here and it makes me believe that there is a system to the organisation. I can see the consumption that we only heard or read through media.
If a person cannot decide between 2 vacuum cleaners - he does not choose both.
People have to use cars it seems. People always need comforts - something to hold their latest cell phones in, a motorized lawn mower, a well paved maze of roads, concrete slabs surrounding their buildings, washers, dryers, cycles, food, drinks, vending machines, shoes, clothes, watches, clothes for different occasions, cutlery for different occasions, variety of restaurants, cup holder in a car because there is no long distance driving without a drink in your car, a fan, lights, air conditioning, unnecessary ornamentation.
There is a need to talk loudly regardless of who may be nearby. A need to buy whatever may be required even though it just may be easily discarded.
I see obesity, stupidity, followers of the rules, people walking in circles.

I see a new crop of different colour engaged in forming visions, creating some of those visions, making money, learning how to spend money, learning how to be machines.

I see people indulging in unnecessary conversations about when leukemia is most dangerous, about what schools have opened, about how unlawful some people are, about what is happening in another restaurant, about how the bus was 3 minutes late, about how boring the weekend was, about how they are planning to go away for the next weekend.

From the land of Alexander Supertramp - I see antonyms. Of course, this does prove the fact that I am a mitch.
May be I am,
the point is - it is important to look at things from high above.

How inconsequential most things in life are.
It is for me to find out.

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Rohan Sura said...

most things about the country u r referring to are such that they require a ridiculous amount of maintenance. this adds to the consumption more than anything else. everything is so huge - roads, stores, houses, cars, people :D
good to hear !