Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My friend's birthday

It is one of my best friend's birthday today and it is an interesting day.
Blasts at a hospital in south Mumbai, at Oberois, at the Taj Mahal hotel, something at Nepeansea Road, at the domestic airport. Shootouts at these and some other places. And I wondered why?

It was 2230 - 2300 hrs and some terrorists did not feel like sleeping. There must have been a motive behind this of course. Similar to there being a motive for why intelligence agencies, security and police were blind. Commendable that, for Indian standards, they were doing something. And I believe they did a better job than people expected. It is difficult to please the public.

I wonder why I was scared about everyone I knew.
I wonder why I was so restless regarding 2 of my friends who were stuck in office near Oberois.
I wonder why I felt bad that I could not go to my friend's house to wish her a great birthday.
I wonder what the real motive was.

Purpose is subjective, but omnipresent.
Things are going to go back to normal much sooner than sooner can be.
It is not resilience; it is ignorance of a people who are tired and are too ambitious.
People fear competition and want to stay ahead.
There is a purpose why each day passes.
And each moment exists.
Why each action justifies itself.
I might find the terroists' actions questionable but I am sure they dont feel the same way.

External locus of control v/s Internal locus of control.
There is a certain characteristic of the human being which does not gel with calm.
Mayhem brings purpose.
The reason -
Mayhem for one is a way of calm for another - vice versa.

It is the very reason why the matrix never succeeded and why the human race will not succeed.

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