Friday, November 14, 2008

The Cogs & Sprockets Inside The Outsider

My brain started functioning only a year ago; I would say approx. 12 months ago.
I started questioning reality, reason and motive.
There is a reason why we are all here - it is a purpose.
I shall not be Morpheus - there is no higher purpose. (Please!)
This purpose is determined - or rather should be determined - by hedonism.
But society has molded almost every human being to be part of a system.
I shall not talk about society right now as this is not a part of the garbage that I want to put forth.
Coming back to hedonism, every purpose will always be unlike the other.

Humans have somehow decided not to question and therefore have lost the reason.
There is a simple way to decipher your purpose - and this I came across 8-9 months ago.

Let us suppose I am 70 something and months, days or minutes away from death.
At that moment I ask myself.
" Now that I look back at my life - did I do something meaningful?
Did my life really matter?
Are there any regrets?"

Now, there are bound to be regrets, and no matter how much you do, your life WAS really meaningless.
But, these questions allow you to create a bucket list.
Sorry for stealing the concept - but the movie gave me the 2 words required.

Now, this bucket list need not be full of the outrageous and the extraordinary.
It needs to be full of things you do not want to regret doing or not doing.
It needs to be full of things that give you plain and selfish pleasure.
The bucket list need not be complete - it can be otherwise and can keep evolving.
You can keep editing it. . .

I do not want to say: "Kaaash" "If only. . ."
I most definitely will; but I want to do all that there is in my locus of control, so that I never utter those words.

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