Sunday, November 30, 2008


Logic appeals to me more than a naked knockout.
It fascinated me because that is the only evidence of sanity in an insane world.
I am also attracted to the uncanny - and am eccentric myself.
I believe that schizophrenia is not too far away.

I also have a thing for reading and learning, forming my own thesis and logic.
The old statute of :Truth is truth unless proven false; is true.

I asked my friend a question today:
Work of a certain nature makes you crazy with excitement and work of another, easier nature makes you a lump.
The end result may be similar but the journey would be drastically different.
Does such a statement make sense? - Please elaborate if possible.

Now, she is not such a close friend but is a little wierd.
I was being impulsive; and just asked the question.

She replied: I guess whatever you do; work or otherwise -
It's always the journey that really matters, the people you are with, the state of mind you are in, the satisfaction you get everyday that matters more than the end result.
Even if we convince ourselves otherwise.

I said that: May be it answers my question.

A night of silence with a close friend appeals to me.
I appeal to you - Do not be scared of me.

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