Sunday, January 3, 2010

Questioning Reality

Lars & the real girl. Avatar. Cast Away. The Matrix.
I have been questioning reality for a while now; even now, when I look outside my window, I wonder if what I see is real or not.
However, there is a more fundamental question before that... What is reality?

Reality is a belief, as are most things. As humans that have created society, there are certain things that are called 'real'. For example, in Lars & the real girl, the mannequin was a real human to Lars but not to others. It is because we have a set belief in what constitutes a human being, we have a set belief in what constitutes reality.

We believe that dreams are not real and only when we wake up, that is what is real. However, how will one ever know if one is not living inside a dream?

In Avatar, when the dude falls asleep inside the chamber, he becomes one of the Na'vi. As the Na'vi, when he falls asleep, he awakens as the human being. So, which form is real? What physical being will he associate his mind with?

In Cast Away, Tom Hanks creates Wilson; the volleyball friend. He creates him and believes, for the longest time, that Wilson is another friendly being. We know that Wilson is a volleyball, but Tom believed that Wilson was his friend - therefore, real.

In the Matrix, humans move from one world to another. What is real?

Somewhere, I believe that these questions do not matter. I talk to myself often. I have statements running through my head at times.

I like doing and trying to do unusual things because I firmly believe that there is no rule to life.
There is no rule to how beliefs are set.
There is no certainty, simply because there is very little that one controls.
And have you ever asked yourself, whether you really control yourself?
If you decide to lift up your right arm right now - go on, do it - you can see it moving up, but did you choose that or was that meant to happen anyway?

Tie all of this to the pursuit of happiness and you realize that you should try and do the things that give you long term happiness (or at least, you believe that that is what will happen). Nothing is set in stone. Nothing is certain but belief.


Will o' the wisp said...

hmm. i would say living in the present is the ideal way. i wish i could do that. planning kills cuz we start expecting. the element of surprise is lost.

coming to reality, i believe its subjective. what is real is what we believe is so. we choose our realities.

tirath said...

living in present ??
I believe that that in itself is a belief that people have come up with ...
People who live in the present, in fact live for the very near future. In addition, living in the present would require a certain dose of numbness or ignorance

Will o' the wisp said...

ignorance, and thick skin

Tirath said...

thick skin = numbness eh