Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quit Talking

Once in a while, we say or do things that shouldn't have been said or done...
Sometimes, it is because we never meant to;
At times, it is because the target, which may be a person or a situation, is not within our control and therefore, may not behave as we would have liked them to.
Sometimes, it is just something that is not socially acceptable.
Sometimes, we ride on emotions and impulse.

Words may be the most dangerous weapon around. It makes me smile when I just think of how easy it is to spoil relationships and situations.

May be this is why I hold my want to quit known society, - only for a bit - so dear.


Will o' the wisp said...

did u ask her to marry you ?

tirath said...

Yes I did... turns out she is a guy who is bisexual and has a fetish for the colour violet and believes that the moon is the sun with a lot of powder on it. She also said that she walks on stilts and loves skiing underwater :(