Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There is an old thought that I thought I had penned, so was trying to find it. However, I found only an excerpt. So I have to write it, because we all know how temporary our memories are.
Control - and what it implies.
I believe this was about 3-4 years ago.

What decides your sorrow or rather your emotions?
Broadly, 2 things. Things beyond your control, and things within your control ( or at least the control you believe to have).
I said: The things that are beyond your control tend to affect you a lot more - in terms of instances - than the things that are within your control. The magnitude, however, is sharper with the things within our control.
Occasionally, the things beyond our control are given too much importance and we let them affect us drastically. Remember, to think for a moment.
Think whether you could have done anything to change that situation.
Personally, I believe, I do not let uncontrollable things affect me. However, the things that I control, have the ability to control, have the desire to control and believe that I control affect me drastically.
Thankfully, it is not a long list.

For a long time now, my advice has been; if somethings are beyond your control, think hard about it and let it pass. It does not deserve your anguish.

A month ago, I was asked by a friend here: You don't believe in god, so what do you do when you are angry or depressed?
I said: I try to rationalize, if that doesn't work... I cry.

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