Saturday, September 5, 2009

Am I a nice guy?

It is nice to know that nice people still exist.
Another thing that I may have realised:
I believe that I am a bitch.
And that is because the thoughts in my head remain in my head.
However, people around me - I believe - may not share my opinion.
For I have come to believe that some people believe that I am a nice guy.

Now, it takes some strength to write this.
Because it is insane and marginally moronic to write 'good' stuff about yourself; that too from another person's perspective. It labels one as haughty. I am sure, that is one thought that may have come to your head as you read this.


Will o' the wisp said...
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Will o' the wisp said...

at times, ur a mitch, which is good. but overall, u are a nice guy. most of the times, u seem deluded about how other people perceive you. haha!

tirath said...

ur a maha chut