Sunday, September 20, 2009


The concept of happiness and pleasure. We walk along, believing that happiness lies at the end of that spot ahead. We believe that this is a job that I don't like, there is the friend I get annoyed with. I hate living with these guys. I wish I was by myself. I just hope I had that great shirt and jacket. What if I had that body? That would really make me happy. What I am addressing is very juvenile and yet, complicated.
People go to alcohol and prohibited drugs; people smoke and act insane. I had written about this long back - the pursuit of happiness...
How did that guy know that happiness would be a pursuit!!!???
Start small ...
Pizza with a friend.
Movie with a friend.
Drive alone.
Getting wet in the rain.
Again - if you read this.. it must have been a waste of your time.
But think aboat it and ask yourself.

Are you postponing happiness?
I sure am.

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