Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am now in my new apartment - well, actually it has been almost a week now - and I love it. It is comfortable and convenient. The bus to Walmart Savoy is right outside my place :)

Walmart Savoy - a night visit is a must. Firstly, it is one of the poorly organised Wallys, but I loved it because it seemed to have a larger flow of people than the one in north Champaign. Also, one will see very few Asian and college folks. It is mostly Americans. The beauty of a night visit is the number of cars willing to shop at that place at may be 9, 10 pm. The other beauty is, the view. It is black.
And this is no exaggeration. It is black in 2.5 directions. Something that made me very happy, relative to what I have seen up until now at UIUC. So now, Wally Savoy is my new haunt. Kind of.

I am away from most people. Because most people tend to stay towards the north of campus, near the campus grocery store. Do I prefer it this way? Yeah. Will I get lonely in the winters? May be. But I prefer that. Kind of. Good thing is, the school is 2 blocks away.

I faced my first addiction 3 days ago. Surprisingly, it was coffee. I got this new coffee machine, and made Folgers coffee in it. OMG it was amazing. Never had coffee that good before. The next 2 days, I was battling myself. I was determined not to give in. I did not, till the end of the 2nd day :(

I went jogging 4 days ago. My shins still hurt. Let's call it gujju jeans :P
Thing is, I went jogging to a secluded part of the campus. Of course, it was not that secluded because I saw a few buggers jogging too. Few = 2. So I veered of the pavement - of course - and I entered a parking lot surrounded on 3 sides by grass. The nearest building in sight was a good 10 minute walk away. So I stood there staring at the sky for may be ... 10-15 minutes.

I slept for an hour on the couch yesterday - which was more comfy than the bed :S

I decided to start cooking with garlic instead of "minced garlic" - and let me tell you... it is a totally a worth a it. Yeah baby!!

Baby reminds me... I missed babycorn - - - and finally I found a can of babycorn at the new wally :D

Campbell chicken noodle soup with sugar and garam masala is awesome!


Rohan Sura said...

getting a lil crazy, are we? :D

tirath said...

yesssssssss sirrrrrrrieeeeee