Monday, June 15, 2009


Amusing, how people motivate themselves through pride.
Amusing, how they look at other people expecting them to be astonished at what they may have done.
Amusing, how they carry themselves.
Amusing, how people crave to achieve a certain few things in life.
How people like to believe that they have a meaning to their lives.
How people never understand that they are cockroaches.
People will evolve and some are more equal than others.
Did you know that?
I believe not.
Do you know why?
It is because you believe that you are more equal than others but you are not currently because there is a 'potential' in you.
Procrastination and perceptions also start with 'p'.

Why do people love to look nice?
Why do they believe that looks will get them somewhere?
Read: Self fulfilling prophecy.

I once met a person who was about to (knowingly) lose his job due to a certain function he wanted to perform. He believed that he had to perform that function because that is what a function implied. The risk to the firm was transitory. The risk to himself was transitory.
But on executing that function he would have done the extraordinary and that in itself would have been a reason to exist.

Hmm - what I saw here was a conscious mind.

So I think sometimes - that a person who does not look presentable - would he ever receive acknowledgment?

The world is flawed because society is flawed because we are flawed because society is flawed because perceptions differ and flaws are a constant.

Where I am right now - people are pretending to have found a meaning or purpose to their useless lives.
One of those people is currently crapping these thoughts.

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