Monday, June 15, 2009


I was thinking about why I have blogged so less off late. And here is my hypothesis :P
Too lazy (read: tired) at home.
Too tired throughout the day.
Actually busy throughout the day - which I still find hard to comprehend - although I do wake up at 615 - 630 everyday and sleep by 11-1145 pm
I was trying to figure out what I really do.
And I realised that I just read, walk, cook, clean and attend lectures.
Am I 'chilling'? - No.

But why have I stopped blogging?
Well, in Mumbai - I used to be wasted everyday, in terms of utility. I used to reach home relatively early and chill. There was accumulated angst which would require an outlet. Lack of better things to do would justify thoughts.
It is surprising how drastically life has changed and how busy I really am here.
I feel fulfilled and sad at the same time.

I read what I wanted to - finance.
I think about what I wanted to - finance.
I have access to what I wanted - finance.
I have already checked out 2 books from the library which are way too advanced for the class - just because of my interest and the sheer option of having that choice.
I cannot find the time to read those books.

Another thing - I cook. And I mean, I cook. Cut onions, cook chicken, mess up my taste buds and grow tired of cleaning vessels.
I wonder if this is a curve that I am lucky to be passing through.

As my friend once mentioned
You have everything you need to get what you want. Take chances.

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Rohan Sura said...

ur crazy, my cher ami! and yes, we're lucky to be where we are. :)