Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I do not understand the 'pride' that some people showcase - of how good they are at a particular aspect.
The stubbornness that is associated with the ego that develops from the pride based on perceptions about oneself.
I find it awe-fully hilarious.
It is like yesterday when I saw a man at a restaurant behaving all 'dignified' with the menu card in his hand in front of the waiter.
It is similar to people who wear spectacles on their foreheads and show how smart they look.
Guys who give a sly smirk around girls who they may want to impress.
Girls who show excitement on meeting their 'long lost loved friends'.
Hand motions while calling someone 'inferior' monetarily or socially.
Raising one's voice when angry such that other people can hear one.
Having accents that make a fool out of one.
Wearing clothes that make you feel proud oblivious to the fact that people are laughing behind your back - which is OK if you give a fuck.

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