Monday, December 7, 2009


Saw snowfall for the first time some days back. It is not snowing that well yet, but its like drizzling snow.
Also, I saw small puddles of ice because the water puddles had frozen over.
Also, ice glazed over car hoods.
I keep going back to being a kid. Even last night, I was acting nutty and flapping my arms. A friend of mine recently said that I like to show people that I am weird. I said that while that was true, what was truer was that I think of kids and how stupid they are and how carefree they are. Somewhere, people become old and start acting in a sane way, as they ought to if they want to belong in society.
What I like doing is challenging the norm; this is what it is. I like to be a kid even now. And this reminded me of a time when I was driving and the kid in the car in front of mine was making faces, so I did what was uncharacteristic of normal behaviour. I challenged him and a battle ensued :D
Look inwards today and ask yourself why you have changed and why you behave the way you do when you are surrounded by different types of humans.

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