Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another take on happiness

Saw a professor from Harvard talking about happiness. He highlighted something important through an example. It was the difference between a guy who had won $314 Mn and one who had become handicapped. (Yes, yes,... 'handicapped' may not be the correct term - but I prefer to say it as it is.)

Going on; people prefer the former scenario to the latter. However, studies have shown that on average, after a certain time period both people are equally happy. To which we would say, 'Yeah right!'

Now, may be this was an extreme scenario - but it made me wonder about happiness. And yes, I believe that in the longer run, we tend to find our way and make peace with happiness. As he called it - Synthetic happiness. This kind is perceived to be bad, but I believe that there is a fine line between the natural and the make believe, and that either one is acceptable. However, looking from afar, the natural happiness is what one craves for.

May be what I am trying to say is this: There are a few things I want right now that I believe will make me happy ('happy' is a crude term and we should agree to that); as of now, this is what I am aiming and hoping for. But I also know (partially due to a wise person) that I will adapt. I am trying to do the best I can and I am weak. People adapt and find happiness and find a way to get through life. Well, most people at least.

Another thing I believe is that, acknowledgement and regret cloud happiness momentarily. Our pursuit of happiness, I believe, stems, to a large extent, from trying to avoid regret. Also, our concept of happiness is the easiest path to attaining happiness, which makes us want to stick to created paths.

Cheers to a lifetime of happiness... Although, I hope I don't become a depressed, pill popping psycho.

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Will o' the wisp said...

loved the video yaar. cleared my mind of the various clouds .