Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eye - dent - it - ee

It is funny how the pursuit of luxury and comfort drives us - at least most of us.
Good clothes, presentable looks, coming to a neat home which may be spacious, a decent car to drive, the need to not think before going to an expensive restaurant...
It all seems to fit in with all things capitalist.
Or are they all things societal?
I would like to call it societal.
Simply because society determines relativity.
The concept of success and power and money have yet not ceased to amaze me.
Which may be why I have been speaking of it for - may be - ever.
I like observing humans because I see that they are always struggling because there is somewhere they have to reach.
Money, power, the perfect figure, the perfect date, looking good, learning something to new, getting in in time for office, trying the best to enjoy a vacation.
Nothing seems simple.
And frankly, I am terrified of the simplicity because there is a need for distinction.
And that need I just cannot gt rid of - nor do I want to.
For some reason let me hypothesize that that is the only source of identity in this world.
Sometimes I wonder if this is messing with my identity.
Most of the times I prefer my solitude and sometimes it strikes me that hey! I dont really have anybody.
And at times I feel that I have some people who I can call my own.
Do you need people of your own...?
I wonder... because what is the real need to belong.
A friend once told me not to be high and almighty.
I don't think I am mighty at all.
I feel frail and mighty at the same time.

I don't like belonging to paths.
And I cannot seem to get over it.
Life is cruel and life is a game.
May be I am just not that much into gaming.

With this I should end my rambling of the inconsequential.
After all... we all end up in the same box.

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