Sunday, July 19, 2009


People live to make money.
Some to spend money.
Some don't know what to do with money, so they save it.
Some like to flaunt it.
Some people like to live for a purpose or a 'greater good'.
Some people like to feel nice by doing good to other people.
Some people like saying that they good to other people.

Society completes each person - pun intended.
Some people love certain fields and immerse themselves in them.
Feeling important is important.
Some people like praising themselves about how they have such good intentions in their heads.
Some people believe that they are intuitively or psychologically superior to others.

There are some who go into their cocoons and look at the world very rarely.
Some people love family and friends.
Some people drink and eat.
Some people like sex and like sleep.
Some care about their standing in society but like to believe that they don't really care what society thinks of them.

Some are 'forced' to live for their families.
Some are 'forced' to take care of people who are dear to them, in effect end up walking through their lives.

There are people who are scared because they have no idea what they want to do with their lives.
There are people who don't understand why there is a reason to find a reason in life.
Some dedicate themselves to religion.
Some people believe that there is nothing wrong in committing suicide as soon as one finds no reason to live one's life.

We have our reasons, but no matter what we do, we end up in the same form.

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