Thursday, September 22, 2011


I hadn't been drunk since more than a year ago. That changed last week. Cool friends are cool. Cool chick friends are cooler. Got semi-high at a pub in Andheri and then quite gone at my place. Well, I was still a little OK, cant say the same about her trip :)
Was quite insane, and so was trying to find a rick to drop her home at 530 am. Fun times.

And yesterday, I had to take care of another friend who is weirdly weird in addition to being cool. I don't know when she managed to down 7 tequila shots because I had only managed a small Gin n tonic :D
Being around drunk people can be fun, especially when one mistakes a firang for a waiter at the pub, or tries on spectacles of the co-owner or wants to wander off in search of menthol ciggies. A dude who knew me seemed quite confused because I was walking away at the same time my friend struck a conversation with one of the servers.

Here is to the drunk people! The drunk fun people! And to the random buggers who like staying outside home in Mumbai at night!

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