Saturday, January 10, 2009


Socialism appears simple apart from the fact that the head of state is not like the rest. So that itself makes the concept of socialism a farce. The head of a PSU is greater that a brick layer.

Capitalism seems beautiful but worldwide, there is no example of absolute capitalism. "To each according to his need" - Galt was angered :-D

Who will regulate the regulators?
Why do I get free health cover when a richer guy does not need health cover in a capitlaist society?
Why do I get horrible roads when I pay 34%+ taxes each year?
Tax collections have increased but public servants have gained weight . . .
Who wil audit the auditors?
Who will police the police?
Who will judge the judge?
Who will examine an examiner?
Why does a hardworking businessman pay so many taxes and why does an employee deserve sympathy?
Why are land prices so high when, as soon as I step out of the city all I see is unproductive land?
Why does the CM of Karnataka ride a Bentley?
How does Amar Singh have so many beautiful cars?
Why does a policeman get paid a meagre salary?
Why does the IT officer demand money from me based on the quantum of my income (apart from the official taxes I pay)?
Who will regulate the regulators?
Who will audit the auditors?
Why does a multimillionaire sleep on a wobbly bed of notes and why does a brick layer sleep on a firm and comfortable bed of brick?

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