Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A walk through the masses

Gateway of India - 3rd Dec. 2008 - 1 week after the 'terrorists' attacked locations in Mumbai.
I wonder how many people knew the meaning of Vande Mataram when they were bellowing.
I wonder how many people threw litter/ garbage below them to beautify the roads while shouting ' Inqulab Zindabaad'
I wonder why they were saying 'Pakistan ko Phek Do'
I wonder if they stopped bribing people and actually started changing the system.
I wonder why they said 'We want action!!' - when the govt. cannot provide for:
1. Good Legal enforcement
2. Continuous Electricity nationally
3. Well paved roads and greater connectivity
4. Continuous Water Supply
5. Clean drinking water
6. Enough toilets
7. Enough clean toilets
8. Meaningful Literacy programmes
9. Good Law enforcement ( O ! Did I mention that already?)

And they want action - - what a laugh riot.
They left the streets, went and ate at a street corner, littered some more, spit some more, cribbed some more and bad mouthed the 'scoundrel politicians'. They are really hilarious!!

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